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  • easyBirth Philosophy

    easyBirth is an approach to birth created by Alicia Witt after many years of experience as a Doula and Midwife. easyBirth bridges the gap between modern natural birth training methodologies and age-old practices used to bring new family members into the world. Read More
  • Midwives and Doulas

    Midwives and Doulas assist mothers-to-be in implementing their birth philosophy by supporting women in their birth choices, priorities, methods and locations. You can view profiles of dozens of midwives in Arizona in our practitioner directory. Read More
  • Meet Alicia

    Alicia Witt is the founder of the Easy Birth website and curriculum, a practicing Licensed Home Birth Midwife and Hospital Birth Doula serving clients in Arizona. Alicia provides in-home training and support and teaches weekly group classes for expecting parents in the Phoenix metro area. Alicia's is a mom of six, a foster mom of many, and has participated in the delivery of many dozens of easyBirth babies. Read More
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New Classes Forming

Schedule a private-in-home class, or host an in-home small group in your area.  No travel time, meet on the evenings best suited for you, meet other pregnant couples in your area.   Call easyBirth at 623-295-9664 to make arrangements.

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Midwives Directory

Learn about dozens of full-time licensed midwives in Arizona.


Doulas Directory

Birth doulas educate and assist moms-to-be with labor.



Pediatricians recommended by Arizona midwives and doulas.


Birth Choices

  • easyBirth +

    easyBirth encourages moms to create a unique birth philosophy and helps build and train her
  • Assisted Home Birth +

    What is Home Birth? Home Birth is childbirth that occurs outside a hospital or birthing
  • Hospital Birth +

    Many hospitals, today, are offering a wider array of birth options, including nurturing comfortable birthing suites.
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