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Birth Practitioners in Action

nurses-200wI have had the great privilege of working side-by-side with more than a dozen wonderful birth practitioners in Arizona and Utah, many of whom I have identified in my birth log which lists the date, location, and the birth team members who were involved in many of the births that I have been privileged to participate in. 

More complete profiles of many of these fantastic women can be found on the practitioner directory on this site, but I have added a few personal comments below about some of them and about my relationship with them.

(PS. This is my favorite page on the easyBirth website, because I love looking at the beautiful faces of these women who have inspired me and taught me so much).


Melissa Chappell, Doula Trainer

I first met Melissa Chappell at a women's conference in Utah where we  became instant friends.  I studied to become a Doula under Melissa's excellent tutelage, and when I started the easyBirth website, Melissa was the first person I asked to contribute content for the site.

I am a big fan of Melissa's Raw food business and advice, and I have been priviledged to watch Melissa develop some of the ideas for her upcoming book on prenatal nutrition.


Pam Qualls, Licensed Midwife

Pamela Qualls has been my most important guide and resource in understanding the midwifery model of care, serving as my preceptor through most of my midwifery apprenticeship, and championing my efforts to learn and grow as a midwife.

One of the things I appreciate most about Pam is her attention to detail, and her vast knowledge of prenatal, postpartum and newborn care. It has been a great privilege to study midwifery under her excellenct guidance and support.


Pam White, License Midwife

Pam White is one of three midwives in a co-operative called North Valley Midwives with Pam Qualls and Carol Denny. My second birth experience with this amazingly relaxed woman was with a mom who had never met her and yet Pam was so comforting and reassuring that she was able to create a mood in the room by her very presence, and the mom-to-be formed an instant bond.

Pam gets my nod as the most instantly calming midwife that I have ever worked with, and her relaxed nature is a great inspiration for my evolving easyBirth philosophy.


Carol Denny, License Midwife

Carol Denny also a part of the North Valley Midwife Co-operative has supervised several of my catches when Pam could not attend births during my apprenticeship. I had some wonderful very educational opportunities to work with Carol.

In the process of working with and getting to know Carol personally, I have learned much about her amazing career as a midwife and her compassionate service to support birth communities in Haiti and around the world. 


Rebecca Williams, Nurse Midwife

It was Rebecca Williams who introduced me to the "midwifery model of care" when she delivered two of my children in Utah.

Rebecca has delivered nearly 500 babies in her career and is considered one of the most experienced and knowedgeable midwifes in the state of Utah.

At the time, I didn't realize how fortunate I was to have my own babies with such an experienced and capable caregiver.


Gwendolyn Strmic, Student Midwife

I originally met Gwen for the first time at an Arizona Student Midwife meeting, and we immediately hit it off.  Gwen and I study midwifery together and work together as a doula team.

Gwen's is very knowledgeable about maintaining lactation while not actively breastfeeding, and her strengths lie in her even temperment and her soft-spoken yet confident way of working with people.


Marsha Monson, MOM!

I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about my mom, who has been involved in my birth education from little on, and who shared her own amazingly beautiful views of birth with me throughout my life.

Mom has been incredibly supportive of my efforts to serve moms-to-be and the birth community from the very beginning of the crystalization of the easyBirth concepts, and she has personally researched and written many of the amazing articles on this website.