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45,000 Pregnant Moms in Phoenix

downtown-phoenix-300wI just did some interesting math to try to figure out how many women in Phoenix are pregnant right now.  My guess is that the state probably publishes this somewhere, but I did my own math, which was fun.

According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 14.18 births per thousand population in the US.

And, according to our last census, there are 4,192,887 people living in the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale metropolitan area.

This means that 59,455 babies are born in Phoenix every year, and in any given 9 out of the 12 months, that would be about 45,000.

Now I want to see if someone knows where we can look up the actual numbers, and see how close this math is.  I am guessing that people in Phoenix may have more babies per capita than other cities, but I am not sure.  What do you think?