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Midwifery in Hungary

agnes-hungary-midwifeEvery country around the world has different attitudes about home birth and about midwives.  Most Western European countries have very open-minded accepting attitudes and so they embrace home birth. 

In Hungary, however, it is illegal for any medically trained person to attend a home birth, so about half of the midwives and doctors who openly support home birth are currently on trial, and today, a leading obstetrician and supporter of home birth, someone who has attended more than 9,000 births, began her re-trial.

To catch up on the situation in Hugary, I just watched the video below.

One of the things I loved about watching this video is the attitude that Agnes brings to the birth experience, that she feels that her primary job is to empower mom and mostly just "attend" the birth, not to act like a hurried medical practitioner trying to be in complete control of the birth experience.  This very much matches my own personal birth philosophy. 

I also very much identified with the part of the video where they describe Agnes as someone who gets her "energy" from attending births.