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The Truth About Prenatal Exercise

facts-300wIn this exercise crazy era, most women know that exercise during pregnancy is safe. Yet, when it comes to the particulars such as —Is it ok to work my abs? How much is too much? Should I keep my heart rate low? Which exercise is best? moms-to-be need their questions answered. Now that you’re expecting, are you afraid to start or keep exercising? We hope this information will help you get the activity you need during pregnancy.

There is a myth out there we want to dispel, “If you weren’t exercising before you got pregnant, now is not the time to start.This is FALSE. The reality is that pregnancy is the ideal time to get moving. The real hazard today is inactivity, which could contribute to excess weight gain, aches and pains, or several serious medical problems.

Remember the first step before beginning or continuing exercise at your current level, is checking with your midwife or health care provider.