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Water Aerobics

swim-calm-300wSafe Workout

Even women who have not been engaged in a formal exercise program can safely begin a moderate water aerobics program. Because of the property of buoyancy, a person can weigh up to 90 percent less in the water. This allows a woman to do weight-bearing exercises in the water with a much greater degree of safety than if they were done on land. So pick out a cute swimsuit, grab a towel - you don't even have to get your hair wet!


  • Easy on joints, even when you are bouncing in the water.
  • Feel stronger, more energetic.
  • Being in a temperature-controlled pool will help you maintain your body temperature during exercise.
  • This type of exercise has been known to reduce edema, or the swelling of the legs and ankles that often occurs during pregnancy.

Any Tips On Water Aerobics?

The ideal way to do aerobics is to keep water at the arm pit level while standing. Walking or jogging in water will strengthen your core muscles, legs and hips and improve your respiratory system. It is not necessary to know how to swim but knowledge of swimming is a plus. Learn the dolphin kick, it is one of the most effective exercises to do in the water.

Be Wise

  • Consult with your midwife or heath care provider before beginning.
  • Find a class specifically for pregnant women.
  • Wear a bathing suit with a supportive top.
  • It is preferable to wear abdominal support, particularly during advanced stages of pregnancy when breasts and belly swell.
  • Remember you still sweat. Being cool, and surrounded by water, it may be easy to forget to drink water. It is important to hydrate.
  • The water offers a lot of resistance, trying to move your growing body through it is tiring. Slow your movements as necessary and do not exercise to exhaustion.
  • If the pool is outdoors don't forget your hat and sunscreen.
  • Make sure a warm-up and cool-down period are included in your workout.