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Pregnancy is Not a Disease

sick-dog-300wIn one of our childbirth classes, one of the fathers-to-be joked, "Pregnancy is a Sexually Transmitted Disease."  Some laughed, some winced, and his wife punched him on his upper arm.  And then we all thought, "wow, that's the problem; that's how the medical community sees it; that's how they classify pregnancy on websites; as a symptom and a diagnosable medical condition."

Pregnancy is unlike anything else that the body does.  Arguably, it is our most important function of our bodies, for without it our advanced reproductive capabilities, no one would exist.   That's what pregnancy is, "a capability" like the inately human ability to think through a problem -- creation is at the core of our creative power, and birth is the most celebrated event in society, not because it is a disease that you recover from, but because it is a very essense of our survival.