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Natural Child Birth Programs

What is Natural Childbirth?

dick-read-natural-childbirth-175wThe phrase 'natural childbirth' was coined in the 1930s by obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read. The term, which is used quite loosely now when speaking about birth, usually refers to a birth where the mother uses no medication during labor or delivery, relying on techniques such as relaxation and controlled breathing to manage pain and have her baby naturally. More of a philosophy, it is based on the belief that a healthy woman who is adequately prepared is able to give birth without drugs or routine medical interventions.

Women experience natural childbirth in home births, birthing centers and even hospitals. A woman's definition of 'natural' may range from no intervention at all to birth which includes any intervention deemed appropriate by her.

What are the Advantages of Natural Childbirth?

When a mother prepares for a natural, unmedicated approach to labor and birth, it is usually with a labor 'coach' or other attendant gently guiding and supporting her through the stages of labor. Pain medications can affect labor, natural childbirth helps the mother avoid side effects. Most natural child birth techniques are not invasive, so there is little potential for harm to baby or mother. If the birth mother chooses to go this route, she accepts the potential for pain and discomfort as part of giving birth, and may feel empowered during labor and deeply satisfied by natural childbirth.

What are the Disadvantages of Going without Drugs?

Unlike a medicated birth, or the use of an epidural, natural pain-reduction techniques don't necessarily eliminate all labor and delivery pain. If a mother is not confident in feeling and working with labor pain, she might be more comfortable with some level of medication. For some, a natural approach may not offer adequate pain management, particularly if a mother ends up with a prolonged or complicated labor. If concerned about the prospect of a drug free delivery, we suggest preparing for a natural childbirth and having a good understanding of the other available options. 

What are Some Birth Choices that could be Considered Natural Childbirth?

How can I Learn More about Natural Childbirth Choices?

easyBirth will be happy to consult with you regarding all of your birth choices, including referring you to a provider of a specific form of childbirth education that you are interested in.  We do not advocate one program over another, but we can help a mom-to-be find or even create a birth program that best suits her ideal birth experience, and we can help to assemble and train your birth team.  Additionally, we offer a Birth Options class which is often offered at no charge in Phoenix to moms who want to get a broad overview of many birth options.