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Birth is Not a Medical Emergency

helicopter-300wThere are more people alive today than have ever lived before in the history of the world, and sometimes, because the world moves so fast, we forget about how we got here.  In about the middle of the nineteenth century, doctors started performing hysterctomies as a way of treating "hysteria" in older women, and they started knocking out pregnant women with chloroform to ease the experience of childbirth. 

The modern natural childbirth movement was originally born out of the barbarism conducted in early hospital settings, eventually resulting in medical compromises known as the epidural and the birthing suite.

In recent decades, however, especially as medical costs have skyrocketed, mothers have sought an ever-growing number of alternatives regarding the "place" that their children will be born.  In a way, we appear to be coming full circle, and it is as likely that our grandchildren will be born the same way our great-grandparents were, and their grandparents before them, going back hundreds of generations.  Birth, is becomming a beautiful celebration again, with many children today being born at home surrounded by family and knowledgeable women to help them through the process.

If you chose a hospital birth, your choice of doctors is very important to your birth experience, because in United States hospitals, doctors are held liable and are in charge.  In other countries, midwives have hospital priveleges, so if a birth must be transferred to a hospital setting due to risk of infection or other reasons, the midwife remains your primary caregiver.