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What is easyBirth?

How is More Important than When or Where

photo-string4-300wMost people are measured more by “when and where" we came into the world (our country, our zodiac sign, our age) than by anything else about our birth. Sometimes, how big we were, or whether we had hair, stand out.  easyBirth embraces the idea that the most important thing about the start of our lives is not WHEN it happened but the “story” of HOW it happened.

Frankly, a story about a violent medical event happening in a white room with beeping devices and metal probes attended by hurried men in white lab coats sounds more like something from an alien abduction movie than a birth story.

The most-often told story of a birth is the story of the birth of Jesus, and it is the humble scene that makes the story so important, a manger, a star in the sky, visits by humble kings and people working in nearby fields. Simplicity is the herald of great things. Births are not days on calendars, they are events marked on the hearts of everyone who attends or hears about them, and how we are born does effect who we become.