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1947 Film on Human Reproduction


You may know by now that reading original 1800's books on midwifery and watching early 1950s medical education films are among my favorite things to do when I find myself with a few extra minutes and a smartphone in hand.  Sometimes, bystanders might hear me giggle and sometimes they hear me gasp, and if they ask, I show them what I am reading and seeing, and most are amazed at how far we have come.

This 1947 film on Human Reproduction (scroll down for video) seeks to answer the question that "you as a parent might be asked one day: Where do babies come from?"  Today, we take this kind of education for granted, but prior to the development of mass media, it really wasn't, and some people answered "a stork brings it" as a joke and because they really couldn't explain much more.

Can you learn something from these models and animated drawings?  I think so. And maybe you'll crack a smile or get a chuckle or two.

First, you'll learn the names of the female "sex organs" followed by an explanation of ovulation and menstruation. Next up - male reproductive organs and how testicles are the glands that produce spermatozoa.  I had to smile here as they next talk about wet dreams and why they are a perfectly normal body function. I'm not sure how this point fits into your next "where do babies come from discussion!"

On to male the erection, but cut the penis out of the picture.....not really sure why an animated cross section of an erection is something we shouldn't see.  But hey, it was 1947!

Back to the female where we are shown how fertilization takes place and development of the fetus begins. Nicely detailed, we see the baby in various stages in the womb.  I think you will enjoy it. An interesting discussion of the placenta functions is also given. Then a femaile model is used to show the changes in a women's body while pregnant, and we are assured that shortly after birth these changes will disapper. I know you and I right now are breathing a sigh of relief. Sounds easy to get our before baby figure back?

Last of all, we finally witness contractions and the birth of baby. Don't be too shocked when baby is held upside down and spanked, just be happy you're bringing your baby into the world in a new "normal' manner.

After watching this film you, dear reader, will be able to give answers to your childs quest for knowledge and protect "the physical and emotional health of future generations" with your accurate sexual knowledge.