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Joanna Wilder RN BSN LM CPM

Licensed Midwife & RN
Embracing Birth Midwifery LLC
Other Contacts: Debbie Hervey, LM, CPM
1420 E Northern

I have been practicing "good birth" for 20 years. As a nurse (RN, BSN) I started out in an inner city Phoenix hospital with a passionate group of midwives who influenced my philosophy and practice. Three years gave me a good foundation in Labor and Delivery, Nursery and Postpartum. Next, I helped create Bethany Birth Center. For fourteen years, I had the privilege to participate in births anchored in a deep respect for women and their families. I worked as a nurse in the birth center, led a unique childbirth education program, and served as a community liaison orienting women to birth choices in AZ. It was a loss for Phoenix when this freestanding birth center closed in 2007.

In November 2006, I began to work toward my licensure as a midwife. This represented a major shift from the early 1990s when I told friends and family that "home birth is dangerous and irresponsible!" The apprenticeship model allowed me to further deepen my trust in birth, and perhaps unlearn a few things as well. I learned to trust my hands and hone my instincts, learning new things not included in my medical background. In May 2010, I was licensed as a midwife in AZ. So, I am both new and old, having been privileged to participate in over 300 births, more than half out of hospital, including 70 homebirths...17 as the midwife!

I facilitate groups where women can explore the role of their story, including the beauty and the abuse. Other groups create spaces for women to learn principles of boundary and ownership. My midwifery practice blends this passion with good birth, challenging women to use multi-sensory tools to explore their story and enter their pregnancy and birth in a transformational way.

I have 5 kids, by birth and foster/adoption, ranging in age from 6-20; and one amazing husband! We have invested in one inner-city neighborhood for 23 years, envisioning change in a multi-cultural work serving the distressed families of Phoenix. I dream of good birth permeating this neighborhood as well, in the homes of my Hispanic sisters.

My mission is to co-create a world of truth and beauty by facilitating good birth, walking with women as they heal, nurturing my family, and pursuing Jesus.

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